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After more than three years of active real estate services in Oklahoma and with the supportive encouragement of her husband and business partner Joshua Franklin, Christina Flowers Franklin launched her own independent brokerage in January of 2020. Christina’s consultancy-style, substantive approach to the business has resonated with her clients. As the Franklins say, “We don’t talk about the wealth of our clients, nor the cost of their homes, what we care about is giving our clients the very best sound advice and backing it up with a marketing engine that is second to none.” The Franklins were thrilled to announce their new brokerage, focusing on using a combination of cutting-edge technology, fun/clever marketing, and best practices.



Invest in relationships by empowering people with enhanced education, and with a consultant approach to representing the community in real estate transactions.

Success Stories

Clients’ satisfaction is always our top priority. We focus on unparalleled customer service and let our work speak for itself. Explore our customers’ testimonials to see we don’t make empty promises.


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