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Christina  Flowers Franklin

Christina Flowers Franklin

REALTOR®/Managing Broker


This orchestrater creates memories, imparts knowledge, and organizes adventures in finding you the perfect home. Customer service is my passion. My property management background combined with excitement for life and learning make me your ideal trusted adviser. I wasn't born or raised in Oklahoma but I got here as soon as I could! Where I was born wasn't my choice but where I live now is the best decision I've ever made for my family! Texas taught me to work hard and respect people. Oklahoma has taught me to never back down from a good fight, a good deal, or a good meal. Calming with a dash of sparkle and shine, a whole lot of hustle, and always up for a challenge. Not the highest producer, haven't been in the business the longest, doesn't focus on all aspects of real estate. Does have excellent reviews, maintained motivation, and you as a priority! Normal Bio Fluff (but also true): An active agent with a moderately high sense of urgency to get things done without being frantic. • Demonstrates technical competence and skills on the people side; this trait is rare and can be of great importance. • Able to negotiate conflicts between people and teams in a win-win manner. • Aware of deadlines and able to juggle many issues simultaneously. • Brings a sense of quality-control to the transaction. • Brings a sense of genuine enthusiasm and organization with equal poise and confidence.